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How To Sharpen A Knife With A File

how to use a file to sharpen your knife

Sharp knives are a kitchen essential! With a sharp blade, food prep becomes easy, and everyday tasks are completed with ease and precision. But what do you do when your trusty knife becomes dull? Enter the magic of knife sharpening with a file! In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple process of bringing […]

How To Use A Flattening Stone

complete guide on how to use a flattening stone

So your whetstone isn’t sharpening your knives anymore, it’s a very common problem, and the fix to that is simply reviving your whetstone by using a flattening stone. But what is a flattening stone? it’s basically something that you use to “flatten” your whetstone after you’ve used it too much. It works by removing a […]

How To Sharpen A Hunting Knife

knife sharpening service in calgary

A sharp hunting knife is an essential tool for any hunter or outdoors enthusiast. Not only is it necessary for field-dressing games, but it can also come in handy for a variety of other tasks such as preparing food, cutting rope, and carving wood. A sharp knife not only makes these tasks easier but also […]

Noblie.Eu, The Best Place To Get Collectible Knives

We recently came across an excellent business in the collectible knives industry, called, we noticed that they have an incredible collection of custom knives, which are very hard to make nowadays. They make custom daggers, gift knives, custom swords and they even have knife accessories, but the best thing about these guys is that […]