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We know how frustrating It Can Be When You’re Working With Dull Knives

We know how it feels like when your favorite knife doesn’t cut as it’s supposed to, when you have a knife that’s been passed down through generations, however, with our knife sharpening services you can restore your tools and give life to your knives again!

Knifepros is a brand of trust, we exist so you can have sharp knives and maximize the satisfaction you get from cutting stuff, be it vegetables, fruits, or meat!  Knifepros provides the best knife sharpening services in Winnipeg, all you have to do is hit the button below and get a simple quote from us! 


Here’s Why You Need To Consider Professionals For Knife Sharpening Services

We understand, everyone is trying to save a few bucks when it comes to knife sharpening services, however, us professionals use different whetstones with different grits to perfectly hone the edge of your knife, and that is why you need to consider us. Apart from that we have sharpened so many knives that we’ve lost count! our experience is unmatched when it comes to these services and when you hire us you’ll know what we mean.

We Can Fix Damaged Knives

We are masters at knife repair.

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How It Works

Get your knives back sharper than the day you bought them, guaranteed

We Can Sharpen Your Favorite Brands

Whether it’s a Wusthof, Zwilling, Shun, or Imarko, we can sharpen any of those knives at our premier location for “knife sharpening near me.” The last thing you want is giving your delicate knives to an inexperienced knife sharpener. That’s why we have professionals in Winnipeg who make sure that your knives are sharpened perfectly, using methods tailored to each brand. Our expertise in knife sharpening and our convenient location near you ensure that you’re receiving top-notch service.

No one wants an inexperienced knife sharpener, so we have experts that will carefully analyze and sharpen your favorite brands at our specialized knife sharpening hub near you. With our skills in sharpening services and understanding of all the renowned knife brands, this is why we’re considered to be the best knife sharpeners in Winnipeg. Experience the quality knife sharpening near you that our professionals provide, and never worry about dull blades again!

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Knife sharpening costs vary by type of knife and inches, generally, you can expect  a normal kitchen knife to get sharpened under $5-10, but when it comes to larger knives and expensive brands, prices for knife sharpening goes up. This is because the better your knife is the more careful we have to be while sharpening it, some of our customers have brought in knives worth almost $5000, so we take our time to sharpen them and make sure that they’re better than before, and so, when it comes to sharpening expensive knives, the cost can be anywhere from $20-50 depending on the knife.


Dull Knives Are Very Dangerous, So Get Them Sharped Immediately!

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